2009- Past Imperfect Future Tense: Nurses Employment and Morale

Past Imperfect Future Tense: Nurses Employment and Morale 2009. This report describes the findings from the 22nd RCN employment survey of a sample of RCN members. Nine thousand nurses from across the UK were surveyed, using a methodology which builds on a longstanding series of surveys (with many parts of the questionnaire standardised since 1992) so changes over time can be reported. 54% responded to the survey.

The findings highlight differences between important subgroups of nurses by employer, grade/AfC pay band, job title, specialty as well looking at biographical differences such as; age, gender, ethnicity, internationally recruited nurses etc. The report focuses on: pay bands and grading, working hours, workload and staffing, job change and career progression, continuing professional development and the morale of nurses. An important feature of the RCN employment surveys is the ability to highlight changes over time in all these issues. 

In addition to the main UK report separate reports were also produced for nurses living in Northern IrelandScotland and Wales.

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