Postal Surveys

  Postal Surveys...

Many of our research projects are supported by postal surveys, sometimes in conjunction with other methods of data capture, such as an online survey or telephone interviews. Employment Research have designed, managed and administered literally hundereds of postal surveys ranging in size from 100 to 20,000 cases. 

We can manage your postal survey from initial questionnaire design, handling sampling strategies through to full and professional anaysis of your results. Your postal survey can be tailored to any topic, area or framework. We will provide you with a branded and professional survey.

  • Tailored question design
  • Sampling strategies
  • Questionnaire design and layout - branded and proefssionally printed
  • Multi-language translation of questionnaires
  • Full management of mailing, including PO Box address
  • Anticipated response and decisions concerning reminders
  • Informed coding of open data
  • Verified data processing
  • Full written report