Telephone Surveys

Telephone Surveys…

Employment Research can manage both face-to-face and telephone interview projects across the UK. We can manage your project from initial question/interview design and sampling strategies through to thorough analysis and reporting.

This methodology is most effectively deployed when a minimum number of respondents is required and the response rate to a postal survey is likely to be low. As well as good questionnaire design and sample, it is essential to use experienced interviewers for this type of work. Employment Research employ a professional and dedicated team of experienced interviewers.

Recently Employment Research has conducted a telephone survey of 1000 employers on behalf of IES and the Health and Safety Executive, a survey of Welsh employers, including language translation and Welsh speaking interviews and a survey of employers about migrant workers.

  • Tailored questionnaire/interview design
  • Sampling strategies
  • Interview responses completed and hosted online
  • Multi-language translation of questions
  • Professional and dedicated team of experienced interviewers
  • Informed coding of open-ended responses
  • Verified data processing
  • Full written reportĀ